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The Trout Creek Guest House and Horse Hotel is located 40 miles from the Idaho border off of Rt. 200 in the beautiful Clark Fork River Valley. We sit on 50 acres 1.3 miles off the highway and overlook the Clark Fork River/Noxon Reservoir. Once you hit the highway we are 10 miles from either Thompson Falls or Trout Creek in view of the Cabinet Mountains. 


Motorcyclists should note that the 1.3 miles from the highway is on a hard packed gravel road and your bike will probably get a little dusty. Don't worry, we ride too and have a bucket, soap, and towels for ya.


There are two kids, four dogs, three cats, and three horses on the property, but even with all that it is a very quiet and relaxing place to be. Please see our reviews on

Payments & Horse Reservations: We accept cash and checks but do not take credit cards at this time unless you are booking the Guest House through Airbnb. If you do book the Guest House through Airbnb and are coming with horses please contact us separately for horse reservations as Airbnb does not handle or book the Horse Hotel. The same goes for the RV site.      


Pets: In our Airbnb listing we note that guests can't bring their pets. This is because of our own animals on the property. However, if you are travelling through with "Fido" give us a call and we'll be happy to discuss the situation.   


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